Friday, August 26, 2005

Lulu Larsen - Bazooka

A nice original work by Lulu Larsen, member
of the Bazooka Group, as published in their
"Un Regard Moderne" news artzine (see below).
Collection "Doury is Dead" Gallery.

Monday, August 22, 2005

Bruno Richard ESDS 71

Just got my (eager) hands on a copy of the recently released
duo issue of ESDS 71. Had to content myself with a copy
of the 2nd run (2x44 copies made?) but it proved very worthwhile...
It comes in two seperate volumes, the first showing every cover
of the ESDS's previously released, the latter concentrating
on previews of unreleased issues (this one is yummy!).
The set comes signed and numbered.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

L' Ordure est Humain comme l' Amour

As found on

Réf. : 15407 en vente chez : Librairie le père pénard
Lyon, France - 04 78 38 32 46.
A L'Intérieur de Bruno Richard
20 ans de merdes suicidaires

Ed. Jean-Paul Rocher Editeur in-8 broché - couverture à rabats
1996 - 124p - Prix : 10,00 €


Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Suehiro Maruo

Suehiro Maruo " Das Ungentum des Rosenstck"
(english translated version, titled "Rose colored monster"),
one of his earliest and in my opinion best works,
now available via bittorrent....
Download torrent here

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Gaspar Noé

Found these two Gaspar Noé movies via Bittorrent:
Gaspar Noé "Carne"
40 minutes short which deals with the life of a butcher who turns
violent and kills the supposed to be raper of his retarded daughter,
his jail sentence and his non return in society after his daughter has
been colocated by social services.
Gaspar Noé "Seul contre Tous"
93 minutes full movie sequel to the "Carne" short with a disturbing
in depth view on the collapsing of the butcher.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

New wonders from LDC

The Le Dernier Cri website
was finally updated to show their latest treasures.
As highlighted before there is a new screenprint by Keiti Ota
(Keiichi Ohta), a gorgeous screen by Matti Hagelberg,
2 new books by Moolinex (used to be Moulinex) among which
a revised edition of his previous APC releases as well
as the all new Vol. 5 of the series. Feast your eyes on these
in the SHOP section of their site.

Sunday, August 07, 2005

No "Le Dernier Cri" at Rotcrisistrotte...

The Le Dernier Cri expo in Antwerpen was cancelled last minute,
there was still a lot else being shown, but no Dernier Cri...... pity!
Will have to catch their expo elsewhere... Anyone know where their next
showing will be? Suppose they were hard at work finalizing the upcoming
issue of Hôpital Brut 7... YUM.
Was hoping to post some pics from the venue but you will have to coop
with some new gallery entries of theirs ;)

An original page (ink on paper) from Léo 's recent "Nuevo Rodeo" (LDC):

An original page by Pakito Bolino (ink on paper):

Saturday, August 06, 2005

Bruno Richard's "Bichon" in Hara Kiri

Was reading up in some old Hara Kiri magazines and
have found back a two page feature (in issue 210) Bruno
did for them displaying a "Bichon" sketchbook (32 pages).
As all the 32 original works were placed on the 2 pages
at hand they came out pretty tiny. I have rescanned all
works seperatly and rescalled them to a 500 pixels height size.
You can download a moving .gif of all pages here.
Allow the time to fully load as this one has a 4.9Mb filesize...

Vuillemin "Jex Tampon"

A new addition I failed to show as of yet is this
super nice Vuillemin "Jex Tampon" (excerpt shown) page.
I really love his early renditions like Hitler=SS, Sueurs d' Homme,
Saine Ardeur, Raoul Teigneux...
Very dark, very critical and still very funny!
I should devote a gallery entry to the site on his art soon..

Friday, August 05, 2005

Two more..

Two more Placid pieces from the same session.... :)

Recent aquisitions by the "Doury is Dead" Gallery ;)

Recently got these GORGEOUS pieces of classic Placid,
done in the mid-eighties. Placid 's instanly recognizable
work mixes Wolverton-esque (see Mad magazine) influences
with style concepts which lend to the rockabilly greasers
and the disco fad of the late seventies, early eighties (Mud's
"Tigerfeet" springs to mind) reflected through one of those
whobble mirrors you see at fairs.
See more of Placid's works at the gallery

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Bazooka's Loulou Picasso interview by LL de Mars

A very interesting read, spiced with gorgeous images
from the Bazooka era, is the interview from L. L. de Mars
with Loulou Picasso. You can download the full text in
.pdf format here (no pics) or browse the webpage here

More on ESDS 73

As it appears there are two different editions done
from the ESDS 73 issue. All images are present in both copies
but 2 different page orders excist... Part follows the directions
of the artist (Bruno Richard), the other part the editor's choice
(Huger) page order who wanted to break up the color homogeny..
Now the task remains to find out which of the two I got already ;)

Elac ESDS Expo Catalog

Found a rare copy of the Elac ESDS Expo Catalog on offer.
These babies are rare as hell as most were destroyed
due to censorship. Does not come cheap but warrants the purchase!

As found on
Réf. : 001432 en vente chez : Librairie-Galerie Emmanuel Hutin - Paris, France - 01 42 66 38 10.
DOURY (Pascal) et BRUNO (Richard)
Elles sont de sorties E.L.A.C In-4 Cartonnage muet de l'ed. Lyon Ed. originale 1984 Edition originale de cet album - le n° 15 de la série- paru anonymement sans titre, ni lieu, ni auteur, composé d'images pornographique à pleine page en regard de scènes de meurtres, créant un vis à vis percutant. Ce numéro mythique fut censuré et pilonné, seuls quelques exemplaires sauvés par les auteurs. - Prix : 200,00 €
Parfait état

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Peintre du bonheur

A newly discovered site covers the art
of Allemane "Peintre du bonheur"
If your day was dull and bleak then catch
some color rays here... well worth a visit!

Proper "douryisdead" domain name :)

We haved joined the .tk domain server and the mother
of all my websites can now be found at:
Give or take a few of those pop-ups, hell it's free and
sure is much easier to remember as the old url ;)
Of course the old url still stays functional and comes
without those nasty pop-ups.

Caro photos

Some rare photos of the man behind the artist that I found
trailing on the web somewhere....

More Bugs...

Another one of the micro bugs done by Caro...

More Caro ...upon Mr X's request :)

From the same source as previous posting comes
this old computer generated Caro drawing. It was done
in the same session as the stuff found in the Mic Mac
computer-zine but was unpublished there.
One for the archives ;)

Caro "Felins Mystere"

I have been contacted by an old time magazine publisher
who did a couple zines with Marc Caro cover + entries.......
He told me Marc did visit him in the early eighties and did
the "gratte papier" razor cut drawings on the spot in 1/2 an hour.
While we were talking on the subject he remembered he
still should have the originals tucked away in some old boxes
which were stached in his basement the last time he had moved out.
He got back to me the next day showing of his new found treasures :)
Needless to say he would not part with them.

Marc Caro "KO Kid" download

I have been looking for this one for years!!!
Watch Brutus squash Tiny, or was it the other way around??
View K.O. Kid here

Monday, August 01, 2005

Negativland "The Mashin' of Christ"

One of my all time favorite bands has produced
one of my all time favorite plunder movies... just in time
to join the bible bashin' of the current era.
Christianity is stupid? Communism is good! Give up!!
Download it here
If inaccessible there you can try via other P2P
network appz like "LIMEWIRE"...

New Bruno Richard book

The latest "ESDS n°73" issue by Bruno Richard is out,
titled "Putes Escort Girls Vagins et Anus assassinés".
Limited to 120 numbered copies, silkscreened by CBO (Huger).
Grab this one while still available as they will not last long...

Rotcrisistrotte Festival in Antwerpen

This week 02/08 to 06/08 "Rotcrisistrotte Festival" at Scheldapen in Antwerp (Belgium).
Expo and live acts by Rotkop, Antistrot, Le Dernier Cri, Smittenkilde, Knust, Extrapool..
More info at

Loulou Picasso "Berlingot" box

Currently on offer cheaply at Ebay:
BERLINGOT Children's shoes packaged in a metal
container featuring Loulou Picasso boxart.
To find these in very nice condition and at bottom
pricing is a rare opportunity for the Bazooka lover ;)
Get them here ... multiple available from the same seller!
A box preview:

Keiti Ota Silkscreen

A newly issued large format (70x100cm) silkscreened
print / poster by Keiti Ota has been released
by Le Dernier Cri. It's should be listed in the shop section
of their site soon.... Limited to 100 copies and costing
only 50 euros.... A STEAL!!! Check out this and other great
renditions by Fredox, Hagelberg, Valium, Bolino, Sury,
Stu Mead and others at the Le Dernier Cri site.

Timeless "Intemperance"

Just have received "Intemperance" from Timeless.
For those unfamiliar with this underground-zine
you really need to check this out!!!
This issue publishes an unissued fanzine from
the band/artgroup "THE SODALITY" which was
supposed to see the light in the early eighties
but was late in giving birth.
Finally it's here in all it's glory, spiced with
mind twisting art by Bruno Richard, Trevor Brown,
Philippe Fichot and Zoop. Limited amounts
available. More info on the Timeless Blog

Pascal Doury "Patate 2"

The long time anticipated "Patate 2" book by
Pascal Doury has been released (by Al Dante?).....
but has been pulled from the shops :(
Don't know why yet (any info welcomed) but
suppose it's a copyright problem..
Would be nice to get my hands on a copy of this!