Saturday, August 06, 2005

Bruno Richard's "Bichon" in Hara Kiri

Was reading up in some old Hara Kiri magazines and
have found back a two page feature (in issue 210) Bruno
did for them displaying a "Bichon" sketchbook (32 pages).
As all the 32 original works were placed on the 2 pages
at hand they came out pretty tiny. I have rescanned all
works seperatly and rescalled them to a 500 pixels height size.
You can download a moving .gif of all pages here.
Allow the time to fully load as this one has a 4.9Mb filesize...


Blogger Barney Danger said...

Wanna see more Hara-Kiri? go to I Love Hara-Kiri not only covers, but some inside pages as well, and heaps of info on the writers, editors, artists (betcha didn’t know Melvin Van Peebles was an editor at Hara-Kiri)

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