Sunday, June 25, 2006

Keiichi Ohta (Keiti Ota) "ATOMIC SOUP"

Available from the Le Dernier Cri store is
a freshly silkscreened print by Keiichi Ohta, depicting
a dinner scene of decadence and salmonella. GORGEOUS!

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Mollusk 2

About to be published by BONGOUT is "MOLLUSK 2"
an encyclopedia of graphzine and other art by : AW, Gunsho,
Zven Balslev, Christina Dallas, Frédéric Fleury, Endart 1984-85,
Mu Pan, Melanie Bonajo, Méduse Crade, Ulrich Wulff,
Maxim Ryazansky, Dan Grzeca, Les Krims, Reinhard Scheibner,
John Casey, Pascal Doury, Mathieu Desjardins and Tyler Coburn.
96 pages , 19 x 27 cm. Limited edition 1000 ex.
Currently on pre-order for only 17 euro!!!