Wednesday, January 25, 2006

"Doury is Dead" Galleries

Finally have almost concluded (few minor bugs to be taken care off)
a major update to the Pascal Doury Gallery at my site.
More images added, better previews and overal image quality.
Give your eyes a treat ---> "Doury is Dead" Gallery

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Pascal Doury's Patate 2

Finally after almost 5 years of limbo time Pascal Doury's "Patate 2"
collection has finally appeared. After the untimely dead of Pascal
in 2001 this publication has been postponed forever, doubtful
if it would ever see the light. Now grace your eyes and feast your
brain with art and texts by Pascal Doury, Dora-Diamant, Dim Junior,
Pierre Tilman, Olivia Clavel, Scelsi, Edward Krasiñsky, AVDL,
Florence Manlik, Charles Pennequin, Antenna, Mihran Diallo, Nathalie
Rouannette, Isabelle Lartault, Jacques Pyon, Nina Childress, H. Ughetto,
Ox, Captain Cavern, Eugénie Lavenant, Jules Olitski, Ti5, Hans-Peter
Feldmann, Julien Carreyn, Felice Varini, Otto Mühl, Jacques Donguy,
Taroop & Glabel, Christophe Tarkos, Jean-François Bory, M. Lehmann,
Maxime Sigaud, Jean-Pierre le Boulch, Kiki, Donato di Nunno,
Bruno Richard, Placid, Kerozen, Toffe, Jérémie Grandsenne (moui),
Sabine Macher, Michel Verjux and Jacques Elie.
More info at the publisher's site "Al Dante".

Ravalec / Caro

A new book by Vincent Ravalec has recently appeared,
titled "Bois Sacré" which carries illustration art by Marc Caro.
More info here.