Sunday, March 26, 2006

BlexBolex "Dats Fun"

Another upcoming release by one of our favorites
is BlexBolex's "Dats Fun" comic. Judging from the
previews I did receive to be yet another great release!
It seems spring means cooking in publishingland...
and great dishes are served ^_^

Saturday, March 25, 2006

ESDS 79 "Desseins Malpropres"

an anthology of ESDS's (Doury / Richard) best and hidden pages.
Meticilously put together by Sylvain Gérand from Les Editions Humeurs.
A MUST BUY at 39 euro for 188 pages of degenerate art!

Thursday, March 16, 2006

LDC Fredox - Laetitia expo Marseille

The graphic monsters of Le Dernier Cri are making steam
expo wise..... Just back from their latest showing in Brussels
they are at it again! Showing at "BLAKSHOP" in Marseille
from 23/3 until 30/3 "Photoshock Bicephale" by Fredox & Laetitia.
Wished I could join you folks there but alas am taken work wise.
If you should visit I sure would appreciate some photos ;)

Sunday, March 12, 2006

New "044_Bazooka" book

Another new and exciting release is "044_Bazooka"
which highlights the works the Bazooka Group did
for various artists and music labels.
Published by Editions Pyramid in their "Design / Designer" series.

Marc Caro DVD "Made in Caro"

About to be released is a collection of Marc Caro's
short movies called "Made in Caro" as distributed by
Cinemalta (15 March release date).
It includes following movies:
1 minute pour la révolution - France
K-O Kid (1993) - France
Le cirque conférence - France (4mn)
Dynamo (Générique)- France
Grolandsat (Générique)- France
Coloured City (1998) - France
Exercice of Steel (1998) - France (3mn)
Music (2001) - France (1mn)
LS Dead - France (2mn)
Les Cyclopodes (1996) - France (4mn)
Rude Raid (1985) - France (13mn)
Maître Cube (1985)- France (8mn)
Le Défilé - France
Gustave- France (6mn)
Touentiouane (1998) - France (3mn)
Le Topologue- France ( 3mn)
Samadhi- France (2005)

Saturday, March 11, 2006

LDC at Fantastic Film Festival Brussels

Went to see the Le Dernier Cri "Hopital Brut 7" release party
yesterday at the Fantastic Film Festival in Brussels.
Have met the ever so cute and super nice madonna
Caroline Sury. On show were the latest releases
by LDC a.o Hopital Brut 7, the new Stu Mead book,
the super gorgeous "Police 2006" by Léo as well as their
latest DVD release "Religions Sauvages" which was
simultaniously being performed/ broadcasted live
by Pakito and Fredox elswhere at the venue (Cinema Nova).
Appart from these treasures most of the serigraphed prints
were on display too (WOOWWWW the Keiti Oota ones are so great).
Pitty no original art was presented which would have put
the cherry on the cake ;) A more then worthwhile visit!